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Internet Access

PSW operates primarily in the RM of Cartier.   We have towers located in Springstein and Lido Plage as well as fiber optic access in Lido Plage.

Wireless Internet Plans

3 mbps - $55 / month
7 mbps - $65 / month
10 mbps - $85 / month

All plans have a $250 installation fee. Taxes extra.   Additional equipment such as guyed masts or tripods are extra.

2018 Fiber Optic Plans - New Network

The following speeds will be available as part of our 2018 network expansion and revamp project.  Once we have our new backhaul fiber connection installed the following speed plans will be available on the new network.

20 mbps - $65 / month

50 mbps - $100 / month

100 mbps - $125 / month

Installation fees start at $500 which includes up to 200 feet of drop cable, cable plowing terminations and a modem.  Directional drilling is available at an additional cost. Please contact us for a firm quote.

Fiber Optic Upgrade Policy

Existing, good standing wireless and Fibre optic clients will receive a complimentary upgrade to the base installation of the new network provided that a plan of a minimum of $65 a month is selected.  If existing clients wish to retain their existing package, they will be able to do so, but will be charged a $250 installation fee to connect to the new network. 

There is no requirement to connect to the new network, but customers who do not connect while we are in the area will not be eligible for reduced installation fees once installation crews have left the area.

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